Partnership Opportunities

After some 27 years in business PazStone remains the major name in Australian natural and engineered stone supply and manufacturing.

As a existing Stone fabricator or Cabinet maker, why Partner with PazStone?

  1. Streamline Your Operations: retooling your business is expensive and ongoing, let our investment in state-of-the-art machinery work for you. We can fabricate on your behalf so you can concentrate on what makes your business money: new sales

  2. Say Goodbye to Bottlenecks: our strategic national network ensures continuity of supply. Guaranteed

  3. National Supply Chain: Our client’s businesses cross state boundaries, so does ours: We are the first stone manufacturer/fabricator with a true national presence with showrooms, factories and offices in 5 states

  4. Economies of Scale: the sheer size of our Group ensures we can negotiate better prices, increasing your reseller margins.

Don't invest in costly machinery upgrades, labour intensive projects, and seasonal hiring policies, outsource your stone fabrication and installation while streamlining your business.

Join the PazStone revolution

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