OH&S Policy

PazStone accepts its responsibility to provide and maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, work practices that are safe and without risk to its employees; sub-contractors; visitors and to the environment.

  • expects all employees; sub-contractors and visitors to take responsibility for their own actions while on Company work sites.

  • seeks the co-operation of its employees; sub-contractors and worksite visitors to ensure that the Company’s Environmental, Health and Safety objectives are achieved.

  • commits to regular and meaningful consultation with employees, sub-contractors and clients to ensure the Company's Environmental Health and Safety Policies operate effectively, and that Environmental Health and Safety issues are resolved in an equitable manner.

  • carries out training in Safe Work Procedures and Environmental Hygiene for all aspects of the Company’s operations.

  • systematically Audits work practices to identify - and where possible eliminate - potential work and environmental hazards.

  • where potential work hazards cannot be eliminated, or controlled, provide employees with adequate Personal Protective Equipment and train employees in its use and proper maintenance.

  • provides meaningful Rehabilitation assistance to employees injured at work.

  • regularly reviews its Environmental Health and Safety Policy in the light of legislation and Company changes.

  • ensure advice to employees on Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety issues is provided in appropriate national languages.

  • endeavours to create an organisational culture which recognises the need to improve the efficient and economic use of resources together with the safe disposal of waste.

  • wherever possible, uses recyclable products.

  • uses only products approved by the Company Health & Safety Committee as being biodegradable and safe for human use.

  • disposes of chemicals in accordance with relevant laws and regulations by using only Certified Waste Disposal companies.