Renovation / Make Over

Upgrade Your Kitchen, Bathroom & Vanities to Stone

Is your kitchen, bathroom or vanity benchtop laminate? Upgrading your from laminate to natural or engineered stone has been expensive as well as time consuming

Now, in less than 8 hours we can completely install your new beautiful kitchen, bathroom & vanity stone tops and splashbacks.

Upgrade Your Kitchen, Bathroom & Vanity Surfaces in
6 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Contact PazStone for a Quote

Call PazStone or visit a showroom and one of our consultants will discuss your requirements, possible options (water fall ends; extension of over hangs; splash backs etc) and the relevant pricing

Step 2 – Check & Measure

A qualified PazStone tradesman will visit your premises to assess your kitchen (a) to ensure it is suitable for the upgrade and (b) complete a check measure and subsequently you will receive a quotation (a fee may apply for this service)

Step 3 – Preparation

We can organise a qualified tradesman for you or you can organise a tradesman yourself in this step to disconnect any appliances, remove tiles/splash backs and prepare your kitchen for the upgrade. The following trades maybe required in this step: Plumber, Cabinet Maker or Carpentner and possibly an Electrician.

Step 4 – Production

PazStone will fabricate and manufacture your stone bench top to the exact and precise specifications of your upgrade, utilizing our state of the art machinery and technology

Step 5 – Installation

The new stone is delivered and installed in your kitchen, by a qualified PazStone tradesman. Your appliances will be reconnected by the appropriate tradesman

Step 6 – Completion

The finishing touches, such as caulking, cleanup and hand over are completed in this step so that we can make way for you to enjoy your new kitchen upgrade.

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