Granite, Marble & Limestone For Your Home

PazStone not only provides kitchen benchtops and vanities, it also supplies stone products such as pool coping, cladding, fireplaces and splashbacks and benchtops. We also include delivery and installation as part of your quote. As experts in the field of stone products, we look after you from the concept stage, right through to the completed project.

Kitchen, Bathroom & Vanities Renovation / Make Over

If you are renovating your kitchen, bathroom or other area of your home, PazStone’s renovation specialists can help you make your stone selection from amongst our large range of natural granite, marble, limestone and engineered/reconstituted stones. We work closely with you from start to finish, so that you get the best possible result without the hassle.

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Stone Samples

Whilst natural stone is a unique product, it can suffer from pits, fissures and cracks. Therefore we always advise that you view the material before making your selection. This can be done by either visiting one of our showrooms or by PazStone providing an image of the stone slab, ensuring that you are aware of any potential imperfections.

We also have a huge range of reconstituted stone products to select from. Visit our product gallery to select the type of stone that’s right for your project.

Shop Drawings

A shop drawing is a highly detailed document that will identify all aspects of the finished product installation. A shop drawing will be prepared by PazStone, showing the layout of the stone pieces, location and size of all joins and details clarifying all corner and edge treatment conditions.

Delivery and Installation

PazStone provides complete delivery, installation and post-installation maintenance services for our customers. The following is an outline of the relevant delivery and installation components.

Safe Handling All technicians involved in the handling and working of stone materials are trained in safe work practices in accordance with the relevant State Occupational, Health and Safety Legislation.

Dry Assembly We perform a “dry assembly” of all stone pieces to verify a satisfactory fit prior to the application of adhesive. Shims are commonly employed to level stone benchtops.

Adhesive Stone benchtops are secured to the substrate with a non-staining adhesive. Depending on the structure of your cabinetry, common construction adhesive or silicone sealant will be used. Silicone sealants offer slightly more tolerant to movements in the substrate and are therefore generally preferred.

Final Positioning and Joint Filling The filling of the seams or joints is normally completed prior to final positioning of the stone. Final positioning is performed with technical stone alignment tools.

Sealer Application After the benchtops are installed and the seams are filled, a sealer may be applied. Alternatively, the sealer may be applied in our manufacturing plant prior to transporting the pieces to be installed. The intent of this procedure is to fill any surface pits, cracks and fissures of natural stone with a glossy resin to enhance the final appearance of the stone.
Note: The application of a sealer is not required for reconstituted/engineered stone.


Whilst most stone manufacturers don’t want to get their hands dirty with after sales service. PazStone on the other hand, offers a post-installation maintenance service. This consists of a dedicated, fulltime, specialist stonemason, trained in the latest stone maintenance techniques being available for dealing with post-installation maintenance issues.