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Frequently Asked Questions

In order for us to give you a price we would need to be provided with a plan or hand drawing of the design you are after, the stone type and colour, the number of cut outs and the edgework required.

If you contact us we can provide you with an address of a current display home that may be available for viewing.

A Butt Join is created where two 20mm pieces of stone are placed together at a 90 degree angle Vs a Mitre Join where the two 20mm pieces of stone are cut at an angle of 45 degrees at the join and then placed together. Both these methods give you a 90 degree finish. Another key difference between the two joins is that the Butt Join is a faster and more cost effective method of production.

Stone may stain or mark if it is mistreated and exposed to excessive red wine, fats etc. which are not cleaned well and/or in a timely manner.

Stone is a strong and durable product but it can chip and scratch if mistreated.

This is not recommended as it can cause the stone to crack.

In the case of engineered stone by following the manufacturers care & maintenance guidelines. For natural stone please refer to our Do and Don't Section for detailed information.

You can clean stone using warm water or (if necessary) using only neutral detergents (always do a small sample area as a test). You can also clean stone with Methylated Spirits (such as acetone). For natural stone please refer to our Do and Don't Section for detailed information.
For engineered stone each supplier has a stone foam cleanser that they recommend for their product.


No this is not recommended, benchtops should not be stood on or sat on. Natural and engineered stones are strong in compression but weak in tension and so undue bending stresses are to be avoided otherwise cracking may occur.

Yes. This is a very cost effective way of giving your kitchen a fast make over.

Natural stone can be sealed, as for engineered stone this is not advisable and, in some instances, can void the warranty. If sealing is required then please contact us for more information.

We provide a 12 month warranty on our workmanship. For engineered stone products most manufacturers provide a 10 year limited warranty. As for natural stone there is no warranty as it is a natural product.

Yes. It looks great but in high traffic areas it can be high maintenance. Marble is a softer, more porous and brittle stone than granite.

In most instances. The outcome of the repair is dependent upon a number of key factors:
• Type of material
• Colour of material
• Location of the damage
• Severity of the damage