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Natural Stone Granite

Granites are undoubtedly the most popular choice of natural stone type used in benchtop applications today.

It is a light-coloured, plutonic rock commonly found in mountainous areas. The chemical composition of granite is typically silica, alumina, potassium oxide, soda, lime, iron, magnesia and titania.

There are several varieties of stone that are commercially sold as granite due to similar working and performance qualities (e.g. gabbro, anorthosite, gneiss, diabase and diorite.)

Granites are some of the hardest of the common dimension stones, offering high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching.

Chemical Resistance
The primary minerals found in granite materials are virtually resistant to all chemicals found in a residential setting, however there may be trace minerals present in granites and granite like stones that are vulnerable to some acids.

Stain Resistance
Granites and granite like stone have very low absorption rates and therefore are less susceptible to permanent staining compared to other materials.